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If you need a friendly and professional service regarding your business’ legal issues, our commercial legal service team is here to help in every step of the way. The commercial law solicitors at Chancery CS Solicitors have years of experience in working with and advising businesses of different sizes.

Our award-winning commercial law team have been responsible for advising and drafting a wide variety of legal documents such as business agreements and contracts for different businesses. We employ specialist and unique approach in handling our clients’ cases to ensure that our clients get the best opportunities while mitigating their business risk. This has given us unrivaled success in litigation or reaching agreements faster.

Our area of expertise in commercial law and how our team can help you:

Commercial law covers a broad area of laws which require specialist knowledge and experience to effectively deal with. Our commercial law team have a track record of success working with different businesses of all sizes and individuals, and have unrivaled experience in the following areas:

‌ Commercial and business legal advice: our experienced team of solicitors is here to assist you with any legal advice relating to shareholders rights, corporate financing, directors’ loans, company debt financing, corporate tax, etc.

‌ Demergers: if your businesses need to go through a demerger, restructuring, or reorganization we are here to assist you with the highest quality and personalized legal advice.

Expert legal advice for individuals or businesses going into joint ventures, partnerships, and shareholders agreements.

‌ Private equity and business investment in the UK: We assist both individual and business owners with the legal requirements in setting up and running their business in the UK. We also, assist in business setups and company formation or restructuring and Company House filling

‌ M&A and MBO: our experienced commercial/corporate law solicitors are here to help and advise you with issues relating to funding and acquisitions for your business, assets acquisition, business buying and acquisition, share acquisitions, selling a business, company share buybacks,

‌ Business contracts and agreements: no matter the size of your business you need the right legal advice regarding business contracts and agreements which goes beyond paperwork. We are here to help you get it right. Our team specializes in different types of agreements including confidentiality agreements.

‌ Notary services: if you are involved in international/foreign transactions, our team of commercial of law solicitors have experience in notarising for businesses such as certificates of incorporation and memorandum of understanding, corporate powers of attorney, international documentation and authentication of foreign documents, foreign tenders, statutory declarations and affidavits, etc.

‌ Insolvency: we have experience and expertise across various types of insolvency issues whether it is closing a limited company, liquidation, administration or receivership. Our legal experience covers acting for both insolvency office holders and stakeholders with the appropriate legal advice.

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