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In a world that relies on inter-relatability to function effectively, dispute becomes inevitable amongst humans. One of such places that disputes is prevalent is the workplace especially when we have to work to make ends meet.

When disputes arise at the place of work which might take different forms, you need a trusted, reliable and experienced solicitor who will be able to advise you with the right action to take/pursue without prejudice. This is applicable to both employers and employees.

Whether you are an organization looking for employment advice, or an individual seeking to enforce your employment rights, Chancery CS Solicitors have the knowledge and experience to give you balanced and confidential advice.

We understand the need to keep your career on track while seeking for justice, so our employment law solicitors employs pragmatic approach in dealing with your case in order to give you the best positive outcome.

We have experience in representing both employers and employees. For the most part, employees who are ignorant of their right are at a great disadvantage which leaves them trapped in unfavourable working conditions.

This is where an employee needs professional advice. On the other hand, employers equally need the same degree of employment law advice in order to be compliant with existing rules. This is where Chancery CS Solicitors employment lawyers comes in.

Our expertise in employment law:

Chancery CS Solicitors employment law lawyers have vast experience in dealing with different aspects of employment law. Our combined experience of dealing with different types of clients both those in the public and private sector spanning across different industries enables us to give you personalised attention, and also give you the right advice that is effective with the aim of reaching a satisfactory resolution. We will be able to assist with the following services:

  • Resolution of disputes and mediation at workplace.
  • Recruitment advice for employers.
  • Advice on work policies, procedures and Codes of Practice in the employment sector.
  • Advice on agency workers and other temporary workers.
  • Grievances complaints and disciplinary actions.
  • Occupational Health and Safety: these include work related accidents and work-related stress.
  • Discrimination: different types of workplace discrimination based on race, age, disability, sex, marital status, sexual orientation such as transgender and transsexual discrimination, part-time worker status, belief or religion.
  • Issues related to your retirement and benefits.
  • Harassment, victimization and bullying at work including sexual harassment.
  • Employee rights: these includes equal pay, sick pay rights and entitlement, maternity leave and during pregnancy, trade union and industrial action rights, equal opportunities and diversity, non-payment of salary, commission and bonuses.
  • Workplace related data protection and privacy issues.
  • Gross misconducts such as alcohol and drug abuse at workplace environment and working time compliance.
  • Whistleblowing at work.
  • Redundancy and dismissals: these include unfair or wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, dealing with workers redundancy at work.
  • Contractual disputes arising from issues such as notice and payment in lieu of notice.
  • Employment agreements/contracts: these include compromise agreements, employment agreements/contracts of employment, restrictive covenants, termination packages, settlement agreements, collective agreements, offer agreements, consultancy agreements, terms and conditions of employment.
  • High Court injunctions, advocacy and representation in Employment Tribunals and enforcement of award of costs.

Why you should choose Chancery CS Solicitors as your employment law solicitors

Choosing us as your employment law solicitors gives you the advantage of leveraging our vast knowledge and expertise that span across the length and breath of employment related issues.

We ensure that we find a positive outcome to you with the right advice within the shortest possible time. After all, no one likes uncertainty in dispute and would not want a case to linger for too long.

When you are looking for cost effective solution that will give you your desired outcome, Chancery CS Solicitors are here to assist you in every step of the process. We maintain utmost transparency in our pricing with no hidden cost or charges that are usually hidden in fine print.

This gives you our client peace of mind that you are not going to get surprise charges in the course of pursuing their case.

What next? Contact our employment law solicitors in London.

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Whether you are about taking on a new job, leaving your existing job, having issues while still working, or having issues after you have left your job, we are here to help you. Our solicitors are here to advice you on all aspects of employment law.

It does not matter if you are an employer or an employee, don’t remain silent with that abuse, discrimination, shady employment contract, unlawful dismissal, etc.

Talk to our professional and experienced employment law solicitors today who are here to give you personal attention to ensure that your issue is properly addressed with the right and efficient solution.

Book an advice session today to come in to discuss with us. No matter how complex you think your case might be, you are just one click away from getting professional advice.

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